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Digital Expedition Content & Marketing

Welcome to the starting point of our digital expedition Content & Marketing. Together, we discover the many possibilities in the field of Content & Marketing on this expedition. This involves supplying target groups with high-quality content through content marketing, improving the reach and brand awareness of a company with the help of online marketing and different ways of using social media marketing on different channels to strategically deliver target group- specific content. In addition, you will find out which measures in PR need to be taken to create a positive identity and to bring information to the public in the best possible way.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is used in many areas of marketing from email marketing, to social media marketing, to search engine optimization – because content matters. The content does not necessarily have to be informative – this is where it clearly differs from PR. Added value is also created for the customer when he is entertained, enthused or advised. Content no longer has to be processed in the classic text form, but can be presented as a tutorial, blog article, posting, podcast, in an infographic, survey, etc.

Content Management Systeme von der PRinguin Digitalagentur aus Bamberg

How does content marketing work?

At the beginning of every content strategy is the definition of the target group. In which media does your target group work, and what does it look like? Age, place of residence, gender, income, occupation, hobbies, are just some of the factors that make up your target group. Of course, not every group is homogeneous throughout. But the target audience is crucial to what your future content looks like.

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Online Marketing

Online marketing includes all strategies and measures that are used to lead Internet users to websites or online shops. Especially in the field of online trade and online marketing it is indispensable, but also for all other industries, this form of marketing offers an excellent opportunity to attract new customers and to win them over.

Online Marketing von der PRinguin Digitalagentur aus Bamberg

How does online marketing work?

Online marketing is always seen as a marketing mix of different marketing channels. This significantly reduces the risk of failure of a marketing channel. In online marketing, it is important to find out in advance who the target groups are and where they act. This makes it possible to draw attention to yourself through a targeted approach in online marketing. The aim of online marketing is to guide the relevant interested parties from the different marketing channels to their own website or online shop and the corresponding landing page.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing includes tactical as well as strategic measures that help a company communicate corporate messages to specific target groups and interact with different user and interest groups. Unlike the rigid one-to-many logic of classic media, social networks enable a mutual exchange of information as well as networking along one’s own interests. For companies, this offers numerous opportunities to position themselves as a brand and to build up a loyal community, consisting of interested parties as well as customers, in the long term.

Social Media Betreuung von der PRinguin Digitalagentur aus Bamberg

How does social media marketing works?

In social media marketing, elements of advertising, public relations, distribution and sales come together, providing a company with a wide range of opportunities. The different social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn) differ not only in their application possibilities, but also in the possible target audience to be reached, e.g. age, sex, education, etc. Therefore, a target-group-specific analysis should always be carried out before actively starting and choosing relevant platforms.

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Public Relations 

In general, the term public relation refers to any type of interest-led communication with a focus on the public of individual sub-publics. As a part of corporate communication, it primarily serves to establish a positive corporate identity. The tasks of public relations therefore include defining one’s own position and investigating the opinions of the public as well as filtering out different stakeholders and multipliers.

Digitale Public Relations von der PRinguin Digitalagentur aus Bamberg

How does public relations work?

In order to cultivate the external effect in the sense of one’s own corporate strategy, the avoidance and resolution of media conflicts, i.e. sound reputation management, is part of the craft successful PR. Especially in time of multimedia channels and ways of speaking, but also the development of ideas and core messages that contribute to the sustainable development of a positive reputation.

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