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Digital Expedition Strategy & Concept

Welcome to the starting point of our digital expedition Strategy & Concept. Together we will discover on this expedition the numerous possibilities in dealing with the challenges and opportunities of digitalization. You can find out how to develop successful long-term strategies with the help of digital workshops, how to carry out needs analyses for different areas and how we can support you in optimizing digital processes.

All your stuff and snowshoes strapped on? Then we're off!

Digital Workshops

Together with managing directors, human resource managers and employees, digital workshops can develop and implement new approaches and strategies for the digitization of business processes. The aim is to impact practical knowledge in digital workshops so that your employees can use this practical knowledge to tackle and implement new projects independently. Projects can range from process optimization in product management or project management to online marketing with Google Ads campaigns or social media campaigns.

Digitalworkshop von der PRinguin Digitalagentur aus Bamberg

What are the different types of Digital Workshops?

There are several types of digital workshops. The topics of the workshops range from digitalization and strategy to online marketing. It is precisely in these areas that the best results can also be achieved in the long term with digital workshops. Digital workshops in the area of digitalization can be used to develop new processes or to optimize and digitalize existing processes in a meaningful way. Online marketing processes individually tailored to your company. In this way, you can also achieve more efficient results in the long term, both for online marketing and for managing directors, HR managers and employees.

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Needs Analysis

Needs analysis are used to identify concrete ideas in relation to a planned project and thus to create a basis for evaluation of necessary measures. They help to correctly assess the risks and opportunities of a product or service and to develop individual solutions based on detailed needs. The aim is to create sustainable product solutions that, depending on the project goal, convince decision-makers, customers and employees. They also include questions about  planning, use and design of digital products and services, as well as analyse the ideas to different user groups and place them in context with planned applications.

Bedarfsanalyse zu Unternehmensprozessen von der PRinguin Digitalagentur aus Bamberg

How do needs analysis work?

Within the framework of needs analysis, expectations are identified, usage contexts determined and technical and organisational framework conditions clarified. This makes it an essential part of successful product development and service generation. With needs analyses, for example, new customer groups and their requirements can be determined, the willingness to pay and buy for products can be estimated and ultimately expensive misdevelopments can be avoided.

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Digital Strategies

Digital strategies are approaches whose aim is to simplify existing processes, workflows and structures via digitalization. This usually includes reviewing existing business models, data flows and process architectures as well as critically questioning and rethinking company-specific behaviours and measures, which are then implemented in accordance with a digital mission statement.

Digitale Strategien von der PRinguin Digitalagentur aus Bamberg

How do digital strategies work?

Within the framework of functioning digitals strategies, existing structures must first be reviewed and potential improvements identified. The basis for this is a sound knowledge of one’s own customers as well as their requiremens and needs. A digital strategy should simplify processes and play an important role in the digitization process during the respective customer journey.

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Process Optimization

Process optimization is about improving existing business, production and development processes and thereby identifying optimization potentials. Process optimization itself is a continuous process, which has to be designed and evaluated continuously. The aim is to increase the quality of processes and to make them economical. In addition to the areas of communication, costs, lead time or resources, this also includes aspects of productivity, spare or capacity utilization of a company.

Prozessoptimierung mit der PRinguin Digitalagentur aus Bamberg

How does process optimization work? 

Process optimization is the basis for effective business management. There are various methods that can be used in the context of process optimization. These are usually divided into methods for pure idea generation, one-time methods and continuously used methods. Despite all the differences, however, every form of methodology in the field of process optimization aims to examine existing processes, subprocesses or company divisions and to improve the quality of one’s own products and services in the long term by making appropriate changes.

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